Rejuvime Medical

"Restore Me, Refuel Me, Rejuvime! "

TV Commercials

Rejuvime Medical specializes in HRT treatments. HRT stands for Hormone Replacement Therapy. It has become increasingly popular over the last 40 years in treating a host of symptoms that coincide with aging. Including, lack of energy, lack of libido, increases in body fat and decreases in muscle mass to name a few. We put together a series of spots staring CEO, Chris Pixely (The Rejuvime Guy). Chris's enthusiastic and upbeat energy perfectly distill the Rejuvime brand in these fun spots.  See more of our ads below:


CLIENT ➞ Rejuvime Medical 
CONCEPT➞ Zone Marketing & Chris Pixley
SCRIPT ➞ Chris Pixley and Dave Peterson 
DIRECTOR➞ Dan Jones 
PRODUCTION ➞ Fireside Films

"NOLA" Spot

"Workout" Spot

"Office" Spot